At present, every enterprise or entrepreneur engaged in production and services face many various problems, and one of them is to take its rightful place in the management system.

Last year systematic work on deepening the structural transformation and diversification of our economy, accelerating the development of the sphere of services as one of the most important factors and directions of ensuring employment, improving the incomes and quality of life of our people.

Obviously, without creating a competitive economy, and ultimately building a competitive country, we can’t pursue the objectives outlined in the concept of democratic reforms and development of civil society in the country.

One of the main objectives of the course is to ensure that students are well acquainted with the subject, effectively use this subject in their future activities and creative approach.

The purpose of the discipline Business Planning is to provide students with the knowledge about how to develop and implement a business plan as a document that defines strategies and tactics for doing business.

Tasks of the discipline – study of modern methods and practices of business planning, planning technology; defining the structure and content of the business plan; study of business planning departments planning methods; study the mechanism of business plan promotion; study of business plan efficiency assessment methodology.

Requirements for students’ knowledge, skis and abilities for the student of the bachelor course in the field of Business Planning in the subject are as follows:

  • Business plan structure, organization of production at the enterprises, opportunities and challenges at the enterprises; knowledge of new methods and techniques of efficient use of production potential of enterprises;

  • Development of level of organization of production at the enterprise and solution of questions connected with research and evaluation; addressing situational issues to improve planning; elimination of problems of financial improvement of the enterprise; to set and address universal issues;

  • Directions of laws and regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan and their application in production and financial activities of enterprises; implementation of state-of-the-art, economic and social policy of the state in the field of changing the economic activity of enterprises; application of business planning methods and planning technology; development of business plan; assessment of market opportunities; enterprise and product evaluation; the choice of product promotion strategies I the market; preparation of production plan; improvement of the organizational structure of the enterprise.