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Tug'ilgan kuningiz bilan!

Po‘latov Xudoyberdi Uktamovich
Kaxxorov Jasur Abulqosimovich
Beknazarov Farxod Abduvoxidovich
Xaydarov Jahongir Axtamovich


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Eng ko'p o'qiladigan yangiliklar

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A new textbook has been... 2020-02-27 16635

Everyone judged by his work!

2020-02-08 8945

Yesterday, the Center for Information Technology and the Department of Information Technology of the Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service arranged a good job in the student dormitory of the institute.

The hostel accommodated about 300 people, and a clinical evening was also an excuse. On Friday evening, the faces of students were filled with a festive mood, a smile on their faces and a sense of gratitude in their hearts.

And, of course, gifted students were rewarded with gifts. There was also a friendly chess match between students and teachers. T

his tournament was full of interesting events. In short, such events encourage young people to be compassionate, humane, and religious. We also look forward to such festive parties in other chairs.