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Head of the chair : 

Working time for appeal:  14:00 dan 17:00 gacha
Phone: +99897-914-40-37
History of the department

The history of this chair started in 1979. Prior to this period, subject matters related read teachers of the chair "Accounting" to the processing of economic information.

 Rector of the Institute of the Order of 12 "A" from January 26, 1979 was created chair  "Machining economic information." Head of this chair associate professor Abdullayev Rajab Abdullayevich (now Professor), his efforts at the

Chair set up a laboratory of computer technology.

The chair worked assistant professor Abdullaev R.A, associate professor Nerling E.G, associate professor Siddikov Y.M, senior lecturer M.B Abbasov, assistant D.A Danilchik and Mazneva V.V, taking into account the laboratory staff number of employees reached 12 people.

In subsequent work at the department were invited Ibrahimov Nozir Aliev and Abdukarimov Vyachislav Ismatovich who later defended his doctoral dissertation and worked in this chair for 15 years.

To maintain the scientific potential of the Chair of the Samarkand State University have been invited to work Vafaev Mirobid Alimovich, Vafo Doniyor Ataevich and Bakhramov Bahodir Aslanovich.

At the initiative of the Chair of All-Union Scientific Conference was organized in 1986, the results of which are included in the collection of works with a volume of 15 pl By this time in the chair  were published 2 textbooks, many scientific articles, which amounted to about 102 lp

Members of the chair have been active in social work, as a result of competition for the senior lecturer in Muso Bahshievichu Abbasov was isolated car "Lada".

The further this chair was called in different ways either as part of other chair, as follows:

• Rector Order dated July 10, 1984 the chair was renamed to the "Automated Data Processing System (ASTD)."

• Rector Order dated February 20, 1986 the chair was renamed to the "Computer Information System (IVS)."

• Rector Order dated February 10, 1988 Chair  was united with the chair  "Scientific bases of management" and the chair "Management and Information (automated control system (ACS))" was created. Which included assistant professor N.R.Zugurov, associate professor M.D.Hamrakulova, associate professor A.Yu.Azizova, Associate Professor Abdullayev D.N, senior lecturer N.I.Gazaryans, senior lecturer Sh.S.Sharafitdinova, assistants Tukhtaev Sobirjon, Nasiba Ochilova, laboratory Dilsora Yusupov and others.

• Rector Order dated March 11, 1989 the chair "Information and Computer Systems (IVS)" was re-established.

Prior to 1995, the chair was headed R.A.Abdullaev, it was later re-organized the chair "Management and Information Technology", which led Associate Professor Zugurov NR Since 1998, this chair was headed Zainalov N.R The staff of the chair were invited I.A.Usmanov assistant professor, associate professor A.A.Haitov, senior lecturer O.G.Temirov, senior lecturer T.I.Trifonova Assistant Z.A.Soleeva, N.Ochilova, laboratory D.Yusupova and others.

Rector Order dated December 6, 2001 the Department of "Information Technology" were organized on the basis of this chair and "Management".

In 1999, the UNESCO Chair «Automated Information Technologies» ( «Automated Information Technologies") was established on the basis of this new chair. The first head of this chair was Professor Abdullayev R.A, and since 2001 head was appointed associate professor Zainalov N.R

 In 2001-2004, the chair "Information Technology" led by Temirov O G At this time, senior lecturer at the chair worked Zainalov N.R,  Z. Makhmudov, senior teachers Togaev S.S, Davronov A.E Khudoinazarov NU, assistants Bobokulov Yo.O., Sirliboev V.H, Suvonkulov A.M Zhurakulov Railway , Laboratory Shakhnoza Mamatkulova, Sayyora Meliboeva, Sayyora Rustamov.

 In 2004 V.H.Sirliboev temporarily in charge of this chair.

 From 2005 to 2013 chair was headed by Associate Professor A.I.Alikulov.

 On 22 June 2013 the chair in charge of associate professor Zainalov N.R The chair has 3 associate professors (Zainalov Nodir Rasulovich, Abdirashid Ablakul, Parsaev Ganijon Mahmudovich previously worked Burnashev Vladimir Futratovich, Tolib Maksudov), 2 senior teachers (Jomonkulova Fazilat, Sirliboev Vohid Hayrullaevich), 5 assistants (Suvonkulov Aminjon, Ernazarov Alisher, Rustamov Jamshed, Muhammadiev Abdinabi, Jumanov Vohid previously Dilorom Makhmudova), head of the room Khudoiberdiev Ulugbek (formerly Yulduz Mahmadiyorova) and laboratory  assistant Urazov Bektemir.

 In recent years on the part of the chair performed some work that allowed to solve the following problems, for example:

 • Create educational-methodical complexes in all subjects on which classes are held successfully.

 • In 2002, it was developed and implemented a computer program for the automatic translation of texts in Word format from Cyrillic to Latin and vice versa.

 • In 2003, it was developed and implemented a computer program to automate the activities of the Institute manager for drawing up timetables.

 • Own forces of the department since 2001, was able to master and introduce new items such as "Protection of information in computer networks," "Introduction to the Internet", and starting in 2015 the subject of "automated information systems and technologies in tourism."

 • In collaboration with colleagues from TSUE managed to create a training manual: R.H.Alimov, B.Yu.Hodiev, K.A.Alimov, S.U.Usmonov, B.A.Begalov, N.R.Zaynalov, AA .Musaliev, F.Fayzieva. / Under general publication of S.S. Gulomov. Information systems and technologies in national economy. A manual for the students of Higher educational establishments.T.:”Orient”,2004.-p.320.

 • Many students have achieved excellent results in the subject Olympiads among the students, for example Bekchanov Husenbay in 2005 took 2nd place in the Republican Olympiad, Nasirov said Azamat in 2011 became the winner of "Voice of future generationi" on the Samarkand region. In 2011, the Republican Olympiad Sardor Abdullayev occupied 4-place, and Farmonov Murod 3rd place. In 2013 Murod Farmonov took 3rd place in the "Computer Graphics". In 2014, in the Republican Olympiad Sardor Abdullayev took 2nd place on "Informatics and information technologies."

 • In 2013 ACM Programming under the auspices of the World Championship in Tashkent Sardor Abdullayev team under the leadership of N.R Zaynalov ranked 6th place, the first among non-core universities.

 • Since 1999, the chair conducts its deyatelnost under the auspices of UNESCO, whose Director General Irina Bokova visited the Chair of August 26, 2013.

 • A member of the US Department of Khudoiberdiev to September 2015 continued his studies at the University of Las Palas de Gran Canaria (Spain) within CANEM and II of the project.

 • Zainalov N.R regularly participates in the international conference "Modern information society formation - problems, perspectives and innovative approaches" (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Employees of the chair constantly carry out fundamental research in the field of information and communication technologies in the educational process, such as:

• Assistant A.Ernazarov is working on the theme "Determination the educational purposes on basis of Modern pedagogical technologies and role in developing the educators intellectual abilities of changing into tasks them”. (On the example of subject ”Informatics and information technologies of higher education”.

• V.Sirliboev participates in the project “Creating and activating the program supply of usage on the basis of mobile connection from Interactive services. (On the example of higher education).

In the 2015-2016 academic year as part of the Department of 7 states in which work and continue his teaching and research activities 10 professors.